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hotel complex Shvakshty

  hotel complex "Shvakshty" (Minsk region)

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- included in the price
- included in the price, the limit is reached at an additional cost
- is to be paid extra
Beauty and health
 hotel complex Shvakshty Bath
 (6 people, session 2 hours)
Meals places
No foto! Bar
 (for 15 persons, fireplace hall, dining hall)
Entertainment, pastime
 hotel complex Shvakshty Barbeque
 (3 grounds: braziers, canopies)
 hotel complex Shvakshty Billiards
 (1 table, russian)
 hotel complex Shvakshty Fishing
No foto! TV
 (50 channels, satellite)
 hotel complex Shvakshty Sportsground
 (volleyball field, football field)
Territory and nature
 hotel complex Shvakshty Beach
 hotel complex Shvakshty Water reservoir
 (lake Velikie Shvakshty, area 9,56 m²)
No foto! Parking lot
 (for 5 cars, unguarded)
 hotel complex Shvakshty Arbour
 (for 30 places)
No foto! Rent boats
 hotel complex Shvakshty Rental
 (sport and tourist equipment)

Additional services
- included in the price
- is to be paid extra
  1. arbor rent
  2. attending sauna for 6 persons
  3. billiard
  4. boat hire
  5. brazier hire
  6. parking
  7. volleyball hire

Prices for services are shown for reference at the time of arrival, price list may change

Communication and the Internet
Fishing and hunting


Nearest infrastructure

Distance to the available amenities :

  • bus stop 3 km (v.Shvakshty)
  • cafe 6 km (r.v.Naroch)
  • currency exchange 6 km (r.v.Naroch)
  • filling station 10 km (r.v.Naroch)
  • hospital 6 km (r.v.Naroch)
  • post office 6 km (r.v.Naroch)
  • service station 6 km (r.v.Naroch)
  • shop 3 km (v.Shvakshty)

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Location hotel complex Shvakshty


hotel complex Shvakshty is located in Myadel district Minsk region within the territory of the national park Narochansky. The complex is situated in the pinery. On the territory grow pine trees, fir-trees, birches, maple trees etc.

 hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty

Water reservoirs:
Guest complex Shvakshty is situated on the bank of lake Velikie Shvakshty with the area of 9,56 km². The lake Velikie Shvakshty is poorly flowing reservoir with average depths of 2,3 m, well gets warm in the summer, so it is a place of recreation and fishing.

Velikie Shvakshty the lake

 hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty

General information - hotel complex Shvakshty:

  • foundation year - 1988.
  • the quantity of rooms - 46 beds.
  • checkout time
    • Check-in at: 12:00
    • check-out at: 12:00
  • children are accepted to live any age
  • area square - 3.00 hectares.
  • protection of the territory: territory is fenced, guarded by the health resort guard service.
  • hotel complex Shvakshty is at the distance: city Myadel - 23km, city Molodechno - 90km, city Minsk - 153km,
  • Geographical coordinates - 5458.145' N, 2637.236' E
  • The period of functioning:
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    more recreation objects

    Accomodation - hotel complex Shvakshty:

     hotel complex Shvakshty
  • floors: 2
  • Max people: 6
  • house 1, 2 for 8 persons
     hotel complex Shvakshty
  • floors: 1
  • Max people: 8
  • house 3
     hotel complex Shvakshty
  • floors: 1
  • Max people: 16
  • house 4
     hotel complex Shvakshty
  • floors: 1
  • Max people: 8
  • dining hall
     hotel complex Shvakshty
  • floors: 1
  • sauna
     hotel complex Shvakshty
  • floors: 1
  • Meals - hotel complex Shvakshty:

  • The dining-hall is located in: dining hall on the 1 floor
     hotel complex Shvakshty  hotel complex Shvakshty
  • Dining rooms: 1 hall(s) for 70 people.
  • Meals schedule: meals schedule in one session:
    • Breakfast:
    • 09:00 - 10:00
    • Lunch:
    • 13:00 - 14:00
    • Supper:
    • 19:00 - 20:00
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    Prices for tickets hotel complex Shvakshty

      Accomodation / Conveniences / Facilities     The price of the room / cottage Price for 1 bed per night

    one-room double (house 1, 2)

    3 meals a day included in the price

     conveniences on the floor / fridge in the common room
    prices are not fixed

    x6   three-room suite for 6 people (cottage)

    3 meals a day included in the price

     WC, bath, conveniences for the cottage, washstand / TV, electric kettle, equipment for the house, fridge, kitchen, microvawe oven, oven
    prices are not fixed
    Photos of rooms available for reference. Interior design, equipment and furniture arrangement is specified for standard rooms and may vary.

    In the price included:
    • accomodation (room / house is booked whole)
    • 3 meals a day
    • amenities included in the price (of green colour in the table)
    Note to the prices on tours:
    • On arriving at the object of the rest tourist tax is to be paid extra
    • The hotel complex isn't temporarily function because of reconstruction works. The administration of the complex apologizes for any inconveniences.

      The cottage consists of a porch, a living room, in which are placed a soft corner, a refrigerator, a TV, an electric kettle, a kitchen with dining area and a microwave, three bedrooms with TV in each one, one room has a double bed, two others - two single beds and two bathrooms for the whole cottage (one of them has a shower, a toilet, a wash basin, in the second - a bath, a toilet, a wash basin).

      House 1, 2 consists of four double bedrooms, each with two single beds, in anteroom - a fridge, common amenities for the entire house (a separate shower room and a toilet with a wash basin).

      House 3 consists of four four-bed bedrooms, each with four single beds, facilities are for the whole house (a separate shower room and a toilet with a wash basin).

      House 4 consists of four double bedrooms with a TV and a fridge in each, one bedroom - with a double bed, the other - with two single beds, facilities are for the whole house (a separate shower room and a toilet with a wash basin).

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      Reception children hotel complex Shvakshty

      Conditions for the admission of children
      • Children accommodation from any age
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      The address, how to get there hotel complex Shvakshty

      Address hotel complex Shvakshty:
      Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Myadel district, Shvakshty village.

      How to get to hotel complex Shvakshty by public transport:

      • from Minsk, from the bus station Minsk-Central'nij shuttle bus or route minibus Minsk-Postavy, Minsk-Lyntupy, Minsk-Svir to stop Shvakshty, a departure time - 7.30 and 17.30 (daily), 13.30 (Wed, Sat),
        then about 3 km walk to the hotel complex Shvakshty or take a taxi from Myadel.

      The Administration of an enterprise doesn't bear responsibility forchanges in the public transport schedule.

      Transport shedule hotel complex Shvakshty:

      How to get to hotel complex Shvakshty by car:

      • to motorway P28 Minsk - Braslau through Molodechno, Myade, resort village Narochl to index Shvakshty.

      Border crossing, customs, border

       Transfer order hotel complex Shvakshty:

      Places Of Interest In Minsk

      Location on the map hotel complex Shvakshty

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