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Early Booking Promotion 2020 at the health resort Vesta


Early booking of tours for October - December 2020 in the health resort «Vesta»! Book tours until December 27, 2020 now with a good discount 10%. Planning your vacation in the health resort «Vesta» in advance is always beneficial!

The promotion is valid from 11-August-2020 to 31-October-2020


Promotion Velvet autumn in the health resort Solnechny


Do you prefer to go to the health resort in the autumn? Then the promotion «Velvet Autumn» from the health resort «Solnechny» exactly for you! Book a tour to the health resort from August 30 to October 24, 2020 and You will receive 8% discount on the main place in all rooms and up to 80% discount for an extra bed in a cozy cottage.

The promotion is valid from 30-August-2020 to 24-October-2020


Recovery after Ñovid-19 in health resort Berestie


Highly qualified specialists of the health resort «Berestie» have developed a special medical program, which will help everyone who has suffered coronavirus to return to normal life as soon as possible.


Free parking in the health resort Pridneprovsky


Health resort «Pridneprovsky» pleases its visitors with good news! From August 1 to August 30, 2020 vacationers who enter the health resort by private car will be able to use the guarded parking absolutely free. Let it be a small, but very nice bonus!

The promotion is valid from 01-August-2020 to 30-August-2020


Discounts for tours in the health resort Sputnik


Health resort «Sputnik» again pleases its vacationers with a pleasant protion. Book a tour to the health resort for arrival before August 23 for a period of 14 days and get a 10% discount. An advantageous offer for those who prefer to travel to the health resort for a long time in order to have a good rest and heal!

The promotion is valid from 01-July-2020 to 23-August-2020


Discounts on tours for citizens of Belarus in the health resort Radon


Great news from health resort «Radon»: for citizens of Belarus prices for tours are reduced by 13% ! Now rest in one of the most popular health resorts in Belarus has become even more affordable!

The promotion is valid from 23-July-2020 to 30-September-2020


Rehabilitation after Covid-19 in the health resort Belaya Rus


Health resort «Belaya Rus» became another health resort, in which you can undergo rehabilitation after pneumonia caused by the Covid-19 virus. For treatment, the best specialists of the health resort have developed comprehensive medical programs that will help improve the general condition of the body, reduce the severity of functional disorders and prevent the risk of possible complications.


Discounts for tour and pleasant bonuses in the health resort Priozerny


Two good news at once from the health resort «Priozerny»! When buying a tour to any 1-bed 1-room suite for a period of 15 days or more, all vacationers will be provided with a 10% discount. The second pleasant bonus will be unlimited free access to the pool every day. Both promotions are valid upon arrival at the health resort until August 24, 2020.

The promotion is valid from 29-June-2020 to 24-August-2020


Rapid test for Covid-19 in the health resort Krinitsa


Now You can pass the test for antibodies to Covid-19 in the health resort «Krinitsa», not far from Minsk! This is a great opportunity not only to check your health for the presence of infection, but also to learn about past illnesses in a mild or asymptomatic form.


Diagnostics of health in the health resort Sputnik


Everyone knows that it is better to prevent a disease than to cure it later. However, we often do not have enough time for ourselves and our health. Health resort «Sputnik» offers to use a special program for employed people - «Health Diagnostics». The program is designed for 6 days and is a complete examination of the body in one of 6 directions.


Where to go this summer in Belarus?


Friends! Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites you to exciting tours of beloved Belarus. Now is the time when it is worth making a short trip around your country, which will open up a completely different Belarus for you! The Ekskursii.by portal offers you a wide selection of excursions.


New procedures for health and beauty in the health resort Shinnik


Health resort «Shinnik» never ceases to please its vacationers with novelties in the medical base and cosmetology. Now popular and effective procedures for beauty and health, such as carboxytherapy, or gas injections, and injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, are available in the health resort.


Rehabilitation after respiratory diseases in the health resort Jemchujina


Now You can undergo rehabilitation after a viral illness of the respiratory system, including after covid-19, in the health resort «Jemchujina». A new medical program has been developed specifically to restore the body and improve overall well-being in the health resort.


Discounts for tours in the health resort Solnechny


In the midst of the summer season, Health resort «Solnechny» announces promotion «Hot Summer». Book tour from July 14 to August 29, 2020 and get a 10% discount for the main place in all rooms and a 40% discount for an extra place in the cottage. Relax in one of the best health resorts in Brest region at a bargain price!

The promotion is valid from 14-July-2020 to 29-August-2020


Tourist complex Hatki on the portal Beltur.by


A new object for booking - tourist complex «Hatki» - has been opened on the portal Beltur.by. It is a great place to rest in the middle of an untouched forest and the water surface of the lake. Both adults and children will fall in love with «Hatki» and will leave a unique impression on the authenticity of the place, on the lake where trout is found, on the love that is invested in every meter of the Belarusian land.


Amber-salt room in the HICC Vetraz


Good news for vacationers HICC «Vetraz»! Now the guests of the health resort have a unique opportunity to enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the amber-salt room! Come to the health resort to experience all the benefits of the new procedure!


New medical program in the resort of Plissa


In the period of mass spread of viral infections, it is very important to maintain immunity. Sanatorium «Plissa» brings to your attention a new comprehensive medical program «Easy breathing».



Recreation center Ratomka Minsk region informs:
Until the end of August 2020 at the recreation center SPA complex does not work.
The administration of the recreation center apologizes for the temporary inconvenience.



Floating hotel Polesie Gomel region informs:
Due to the lack of sufficient water in the river, the hotel temporarily works in parking mode (does not swim).
The hotel apologizes for the inconvenience.


Summer gifts from the resort Vesta


From 01.07.2020 to 31.08.2020 have a rest in the sanatoriums «Vesta» will become even more profitable! All medical programs and tours are subject to a 15% discount Giving gifts is nice, but getting double!


Tours with treatment for the price without treatment in the health resort Lesnoe


Special offer from the health resort «Lesnoe»until the end of 2020! Book a tour with treatment for 7 days and more, and pay for the tour without treatment! This promotion will save about 15% of the tour cost and you will enjoy useful procedures for your health completely for free!

The promotion is valid from 01-June-2020 to 31-December-2020


Promotion: up to 4 days of rest as a gift


Health resort Isloch Minsk region prepared an excellent campaign. Book a wellness stay at the health resort and get up to 4 extra days of relaxation as a gift ! Is this not a great reason to go to a health resort?

The promotion is valid from 24-June-2020 to 26-August-2022


Rehabilitation after viral diseases in the health resort Alesya


Health resort «Alesya» offers its vacationers a new medical program «Rehabilitation after viral respiratory diseases». During the period of mass spread of viral infections, the passage of treatment under this program will be especially relevant for many.


Rehabilitation program for the treatment of pneumonia convalescents in the sanatorium Solnechny


For workers sanatorium «Solnechny» It is very important not to lose a single vacationer. And now, in this difficult quarantine period, the health resort is ready for the next test - a new rehabilitation program for the treatment of pneumonia convalescents is offered to the attention of vacationers.


Discounts in the resort Yaselda


Despite the fact that the yard is in the midst of the summer season, sanatoriums «Yaselda» the real price fall! So when booking a voucher with a check-in date before December 24, 2020 vacationers will receive a 10% discount! Hurry up to relax in one of the best resorts of the republic at a bargain price!


New program - Rehabilitation after Covid-19


The rehabilitation of patients who have undergone covoid pneumonia is especially relevant today. To solve this problem, highly qualified doctors Medical&SPA Resort sanatorium «Alfa Radon» developed by comprehensive medical program «Rehabilitation after Covid-19».


Special offer Bonus Season in health resort Belorusochka


Health resort «Belorusochka» is happy to announce special offer «Bonus Season» for arrivals from October 01 to December 20, 2020! When booking a tour, vacationers will have a unique opportunity to receive additional procedures as a gift! End this year with added value.

The promotion is valid from 01-October-2020 to 20-December-2020


Express test for coronavirus infection in the health resort Yunost


To have a rest at the health resort is not only useful, but also safe! The health resort «Yunost» offers a unique opportunity to check your health and do the rapid test for antibodies to COVID-19! It's included in the price of a 5 days tours! Other guests of the health resort can take it for a fee.

The promotion is valid from 08-June-2020 to 31-August-2020


Discounts for summer holidays in the health resort Borovoe


Hot summer discounts at the health resort «Borovoe»! For all tours with treatment and medical programs there is a8% discount in June 2020, 18% discount in July and August 2020, and also 10% discount on all additional medical services! You will have a summer vacation at a bargain price!

The promotion is valid from 10-June-2020 to 21-August-2020


Treatments as a gift in the health resort Lesnie Ozera


Gift time from the health resort «Lesnie Ozera»! Book tours from June 8-30, 2020 for 13 or more days and receive free procedures as a gift. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of such a great offer!

The promotion is valid from 08-June-2020 to 30-June-2021

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