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Rest in Belarus

Tours to the recreation centres are offered by Belarusian tour operator - Private research and production unitary enterprise «Automated tourism technologies».

In 2012 PRPUE «Automated tourism technologies» was awarded the «Best Entrepreneur of the Year in the tourism of the Republic of Belarus.»

Working hours:

Order taking:
24 hours 7 days a week
Application processing:
Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday - days off
Work with bills and documents:
Mon-Fri, 9.00 am - 12.30 pm, 1.30 pm - 6.00 pm

The whole booking process is carried out in accordance with the RB current legislation:

Please, feel free to ask any question on booking process at our Forum.

Registration documents of the Private research-and-production unitary enterprise «Automated tourism technologies»

Copy of the State Registration certificate of the PRPUE «Automated tourism technologies»

search and
To select tours and compare recreation centres You can use searching modules: and other necessary information (there are more than 200'000 pages on the portal).

sending of
An order can be sent: While sending, please obey the application filling rules.

If the link with the order is not displayed - the given location is temporarily not available for booking.

Booking process
Booking process consists of:
  • agreement on the terms and location,
  • receiving all the necessary data from the customer,
  • agreement signature and voucher bill payment,
  • voucher receiving.

The whole process is carried out by means of correspondence and documents sending on the application webpage or elaboration of the corresponding documents in the office.

The payment for tours is carried out according to the bill:
  • payment to individuals through System Assists (without commission) and legal entities (residents of the Republic of Belarus) in the calculations for recreation centers on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in Belarusian rubles.
  • payment for individuals (non-residents of the Republic of Belarus) at calculations for recreation centers on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in Belarusian rubles, in an amount equivalent to the price, specified in foreign currency at the exchange rate on the payment date.
  • payment for individuals (residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus) and legal entities (non-residents) in the case of transfer the cost of living outside of the Republic of Belarus (non-cash income) in foreign currencies (Russian Rubles (RUB), euro (EUR), US dollars (USD)) on a cashless basis.
  • payment by cards Mastercard, Visa, Mir via bePaid system (without commission).
  • payment in the office of the company in Minsk in Belarusian rubles in cash or by credit card (without commission). Payments acceptance is in the office Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30, 13.30-18.00. You can get detailed directions to the office here.

Payment for tours is 100% preliminary.

Detailed payment information.

For foreign citizens needing a visa, the necessary documents will be sent to the embassy for free. Visas payment is carried out directly in the RB consular offices.

voucher receiving
On paying the bill and signing the agreement a tourist voucher will be sent you by means of Internet or facsimile, which you are to show when arriving at the recreation center together with Your passport. And also, if wanted, You can obtain the documents in our office.


If a customer rejects paid vouchers the cost of the vouchers is paid back except for the actually incurred expenses (paying of the bank commission for an accepted payment, punitive sanctions fixed by the agreement with the recreation center, expenses of the enterprise to provide of booking services on the customer's order).

On refund you can contact with the specialists of the reservation in any convenient way for you:

Search recreation centers in Belarus

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  Brest region
  1. "5 kolec" hotel
  2. "Belarus Kobrin" hotel
  3. "Bug" hotel
  4. "Chalet Greenwood" hotel complex
  5. "Energia" tourist complex
  6. "Folwark Gvozd" farmstead
  7. "Format" recreation center
  8. "Gat" hunter's house
  9. "Hampton by Hilton Brest" hotel
  10. "Hatki" tourist complex
  11. "Hermitage" hotel
  12. "Kamenetskoe Zatishie" farmstead
  13. "Kamenyuki" hotel complex
  14. "Kamenyuki k2" hotel complex
  15. "Lyesnaya Gavanj" recreation center
  16. "M 10" hotel
  17. "Medvezhiya zavala" farmstead
  18. "Molodezhnaya Brest" hotel
  19. "Motelchik" hotel
  20. "Pererov" hunter's house
  21. "Pripyat Pinsk" hotel
  22. "Rinkavka" tourist complex
  23. "Seating yard Nehachevo" hotel complex
  24. "Selyahi" recreation center
  25. "Slavyanskaya hata" hotel
  26. "Sosnovy rai" recreation house
  27. "Svetlana" hotel complex
  28. "Vygonovsky" hunter's house
  Gomel region
  1. "Amaks Visit" hotel
  2. "Beloye" tourist complex
  3. "Chisto Hotel" hotel
  4. "Dneprovskaya zhemchuzhina" hotel
  5. "Doroshevichi" tourist complex
  6. "Folvark Belcho" hunting and tourist complex
  7. "Hoinikskii" hunter's house
  8. "Jerelec" farmstead
  9. "Nad Pripyatyu" hotel complex
  10. "Paradiz" hotel
  11. "Petrikov" hunter's house
  12. "Polesie" floating hotel
  13. "Prestige" hotel
  14. "Rancho" hotel complex
  15. "Strumen" hotel complex
  16. "Turist Gomel" hotel
  17. "Turov hotel" hotel
  18. "Turov plus" hotel
  Grodno region
  1. "Belaya tropa" hunter's house
  2. "Centralnaya Berezovka" hotel
  3. "Crocus" hotel
  4. "Dom grafa Tyshkevicha" guest house
  5. "Dom rybaka" recreation center
  6. "Grodnenskij" hunter's house
  7. "Maiak" hotel
  8. "Mirsky Posad" hotel complex
  9. "Neman Grodno" hotel complex
  10. "Nikolaevo" hunter's house
  11. "Omega" hotel complex
  12. "Ozera" hunter's house
  13. "Panikva" hotel complex
  14. "Prigodichi" recreation center
  15. "Pyshki" tourist complex
  16. "Semashko" hotel
  17. "Smorgonsky" hunter's house
  18. "Sun" hotel
  19. "Turist Grodno" hotel
  20. "Voitov most" hotel
  21. "Zharkovschina" hotel complex
  Minsk region
  1. "40 let Pobedy" hotel
  2. "Alesya" health-improving center
  3. "Almaz" hotel complex
  4. "Antonisberg" guest house
  5. "Belarus Minsk" hotel
  6. "Berezina Borisov" hotel
  7. "Bivak" recreation center
  8. "BonHotel" hotel
  9. "Buta Boutique Hotel" hotel
  10. "Chaika" health-improving complex
  11. "Chaika Borisov" recreation center
  12. "Country club Festivalnyi" recreation center
  13. "Dinamo" hotel complex
  14. "Dipservice Hall" hotel complex
  15. "DoubleTree By Hilton Minsk" hotel
  16. "Drozdy club" hotel
  17. "Dudinka City" tourist complex
  18. "Dukorsky maentak" farmstead
  19. "East Time" hotel
  20. "EcoDom" hotel
  21. "Evropa" hotel
  22. "Forum Minsk" educational and recreational complex
  23. "Garni" hotel
  24. "Globus" hotel
  25. "Golubye ozera" farmstead
  26. "Green City" hotel
  27. "Green Park Hotel" hotel complex
  28. "Gubernski" hotel
  29. "IBB Hotel" hotel
  30. "Imperial Palace" hotel
  31. "Juravinka Minsk" hotel
  32. "Korona" hotel
  33. "Krupski" hunter's house
  34. "Kvetki Yablyni" ecohotel
  35. "Lesnaya polyana" recreation center
  36. "Logoisk" ski sports complex
  37. "M hotel" hotel
  38. "Marabu Village" recreation center
  39. "Molodechno" hotel
  40. "Monastyrskiy" hotel complex
  41. "Myadel" hotel complex
  42. "Nanosy" tourist complex
  43. "Naroch hotel" hotel
  44. "Naroch kemping" camping
  45. "Ochotnik u duba" recreation center
  46. "Ogonek Volma" hotel complex
  47. "Olimp" hotel
  48. "Olimpiec" recreation center
  49. "Palace" hotel
  50. "Pansky maentak Sula" hotel complex
  51. "PC Gazprom Transgaz Belarus" hotel
  52. "Polonez" hotel
  53. "Priroda Lux" tourist complex
  54. "Puhovichsky" hunter's house
  55. "Ratomka FPB" recreation center
  56. "Riviera Country Club" hotel complex
  57. "Shishki" tourist complex
  58. "Siabry" recreation center
  59. "Silichy" republican ski center
  60. "Slutsky Straus" farmstead
  61. "Sport Minsk" hotel
  62. "Sport Time" hotel
  63. "Sputnik Jdanovichi" health-improving complex
  64. "Stepianka" recreation center
  65. "Turist Minsk" hotel complex
  66. "Ukrainisky dvorik" hotel
  67. "Vasilevskih" farmstead
  68. "Vesta" hotel complex
  69. "Victoria" hotel
  70. "Victoria and Spa" hotel
  71. "Victoria na Zamkavay" hotel
  72. "Victoria Olimp" hotel
  73. "Vileyskaya okolitsa" farmstead
  74. "Viliya" hotel
  75. "Voyage" hotel
  76. "Vysoki bereg" tourist complex
  77. "Yubileiny" hotel complex
  78. "Zarechany" farmstead
  79. "Zdorovei" farmstead
  80. "Zvezda" hotel
  Mogilev region
  1. "Gluhariny tok" hunter's house
  2. "Gubernskaya Mogilev" hotel
  3. "La Proni" hunter's house
  4. "Metropol" hotel
  5. "Otdyh na poliane" recreation center
  6. "Protochnoe" recreation center
  7. "Turist Bobruisk" hotel
  8. "Turist Mogilev" hotel
  9. "Vishnevyi sad" hotel complex
  Vitebsk region
  1. "Belyye Rosy" recreation center
  2. "Bobrovaja hata" recreation center
  3. "Braslav Lakes" hotel complex
  4. "Braslavskie ozera" tourist complex
  5. "Country club Tri medvedya" recreation center
  6. "Disnensky" hunter's house
  7. "Domzherickoe ozero" guest house
  8. "Drivyati" recreation center
  9. "Gluboksky" hunter's house
  10. "Gostinny dvor" hotel complex
  11. "Gubernskaya Vitebsk" hotel
  12. "Kamaisk" hunter's house
  13. "Kardon dolgoe" hunter's house
  14. "Lebedinoe" hunter's house
  15. "Leoshki" recreation center
  16. "LODE" boarding house
  17. "Losvido" tourist complex
  18. "Mezno" hunter's house
  19. "Nevido" recreation center
  20. "Nivki" recreation center
  21. "Olshitsa" guest house
  22. "Orsha" tourist complex
  23. "Parus" hotel
  24. "Plavno GD" guest house
  25. "Plavno GK" hotel complex
  26. "Postavskii h1" hunter's house
  27. "Postavskii h2" hunter's house
  28. "Serguch" hotel complex
  29. "Shumilinskii" hunter's house
  30. "Skif" hunter's house
  31. "Slavyansky" hotel complex
  32. "Slobodka" recreation center
  33. "U Tatiany" farmstead
  34. "Ushachski" hunter's house
  35. "Verhnedvinsky" hunter's house
  36. "Viking" farmstead
  37. "Zolovo" recreation center

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