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Rest in Belarus

About the project

For more information about Internet portal Rest in Belarus -

Belarusian tour operator Automated tourism technologies welcomes you on the Internet portal Rest in Belarus, which is devoted to rest in Belarus.

On our portal you will find detailed information about houses and recreation centers, tourist and hotel complexes, hunter's houses of Belarus, which number in the republic is more than 140.
The main feature of our Internet project is the opportunity to purchase a ticket to the resort of Belarus online from any country in the world.

Convenience, speed, reliability, accuracy in small things - these are the basic principles of the work of our company.

You can see the rules for booking trips in the section Booking rules, with peculiarities of payment for vouchers to recreation facilities of Belarus - in section Payment.

In order to make it more convenient for you to work with our portal, we have prepared these recommendations.

Main page of the portal

All information on the portal is presented in three languages - Belarusian, Russian or English, you can choose the convenient presentation for you at the top right of the page. If you are viewing our portal from a mobile phone or tablet, we recommend that you use PDA-version.

    Main page of the portal Rest in Belarus consists of:
  • convenient and quick search by objects, which will help you to quickly select an object based on your needs;
  • list of all recreation facilities, divided by regions of the Republic of Belarus. The most popular objects are displayed on the main page, you can see the list of all objects of rest by following the link See all objects;
  • navigation on the portal, consisting of links to the main sections of the portal;
  • news of company Automated tourism technologies;
  • the menu of links to the help modules, located at the top and bottom of the page;
  • Login links to the booking system for on-line order verification or in the personal account: Verify the application.

Main sections of the portal

All information on the Internet portal is systematized and classified, each section includes detailed information about the features of rest in Belarus.

  • Search for tours - fast and convenient search of tours to any object of rest of Belarus on any date of arrival with the possibility of choosing the cost of the tour, the category of rooms, infrastructure and other parameters.
  • Prices - in this section is a comparative table for the cost of tours for 1 day of stay in the recreation facility. You can sort the table by the name of the recreation center, by room category and price per one day stay, by clicking on the subtitle in the top row of the table. In order to search for prices for tours for a particular recreation center and/or room category, for the vacation month and/or citizenship of interest, select the parameters of interest from the drop-down list and click on the link search.
  • Rest on the lakes - in this section you will find descriptions of the main water regions of Belarus, as well as a list of recreation facilities located on the banks of water bodies, indicating the distance to them and the availability of an appropriate recreational infrastructure. For the selection of the tour with the rest on the lakes you can use the special search at the top of the page where you can choose the location of the object (area), the dates of rest, the category of rooms and the type of food.
  • Holidays with children - section contains offers of family holidays. Here you can find the most suitable bases for rest with children, indicating the availability of an appropriate infrastructure. For the selection of the tour with the rest with the children you can use the special search at the top of the page where you can choose the location of the object (area), the dates of rest, the category of rooms and the type of food.
  • All recreation centers - this is a page with a complete list of bases and holiday houses, hotel and tourist complexes, hunter's houses with the cost of the tours, arranged in alphabetical order. This section allows you to select and compare holiday objects by various parameters, and also go to the page of the object you are interested in.
  • Map of Belarus - location of recreation centers on the map of Belarus.
  • Send an application - possibility to send an application to the booking department in case you can not finally choose a place of rest on the portal Your wishes and selection criteria will be taken into account as much as possible by the employees of the booking department.
  • New Year (seasonal module) - information about New Year's arrivals to recreation centers from December 20 to January 10, indicating the cost of tours, room categories, the date of arrival, the program of New Year's tours.
  • Availabile tours - there is a summary of the availability of places available for booking in the recreation centers of Belarus for the next calendar year in this section.
  • Tour selection- a special system of comparing objects by certain parameters will help you with choosing a place of rest.
  • Photos - a convenient system of comparison and selection of objects of rest from photos was created for you.
  • Videos - the ability to watch videos about recreation centers to form the most complete representation of the territory, the rooms and the infrastructure of the recreation centers.
  • Infrastructure - In this section you can select recreation objects by the presence of a certain type of infrastructure. Green color denotes those items that are available in recreation centers and are included in the cost. Red color means services that are provided for an additional fee. Purple color - services, in a certain amount included in the price of the voucher, in excess of the included in the cost, it is possible to get an additional fee. If you click on the name of the recreation center, then go to its description.
  • National parks - This section contains a brief description of the protected areas of the Republic of Belarus. If you click on the name of the national park, then go to its more detailed description: the history of education, a description of the territory, flora and fauna, with references to the objects located on its territory.
  • Lakes of Belarus - in this section you will find a detailed description of the river and lake network of Belarus.
  • All articles and reference modules.
  • Booking rules - rules of booking, payment and receipt of tickets for recreation centers of Belarus on the Internet portal
  • For agencies - information on cooperation for travel agencies.

All help modules:

Information about recreation centers

On the page of each object of rest the full volume of the current information is presented - description, prices, photos, video materials, reviews, etc.

In the upper left corner for your convenience, a quick navigation menu is made with links to the main subsections (accommodation and meals, availability information, infrastructure, photo, location on the map and others).

On the page of the recreation center, pay attention to the following subsections:

  • Location: - general information about the recreation center with indication of the year of foundation, the area of the territory, the number of places, geographical coordinates, the period of operation.
  • Accommodation and meals - information on the number of buildings for accommodation and their capacity, as well as a description of the organization of the food process: how and where organized, the schedule.
  • Prices for tours - You see a table consisting of a room number with information on the amenities and equipment of the room, prices for different categories of citizens (to display the cost for a certain category of citizens, you need to use the conversion function) for various periods of rest and information about the discounts provided. The prices in the table are not for one bed, but for the room (house) completely. If you want to compare several holiday objects, go to the section Tour search. You can choose tours to leisure facilities in Belarus by the parameter that you pay more attention to: room categories, infrastructure, cost of the tour. Under the table of the numbered fund there is a list of included services in the cost of the tour (usually accommodation and use of certain types of infrastructure).
  • Information about the availability of places on the page of the holiday object allows you to get up-to-date information on the availability of places for the next year with the indication of the duration of the rest, the cost of the tour. The information is updated daily by specialists of the reservation department.
  • Children reception - information on the conditions for admission of children to recreation centers: restrictions on the admission of children, as well as the availability of special infrastructure: playgrounds, children's rooms, etc.
  • The address, how to get there gives you information about the location of this holiday destination. Here you will find links to the timetable of trains, buses, planes, which will help you to choose the route of your journey. For convenience, there are options for travel to the recreation center on personal and public transport, useful information about the border, customs and border crossings.
  • Transfer order allows you to easily and quickly order a general or individual transfer to the recreation center from any locality in Belarus. You can order a car at a convenient date and time, for you - a meeting at the train car, a bus or in the arrivals hall, assistance with luggage and currency exchange.
  • Location on the map Yandex of recreation center (with the possibility of changing the scale of the display).
  • Social networks - there is an opportunity to share information and impressions about the recreation centers in popular social networks
  • News of Recreation centers - information on innovations in recreation centers of Belarus (new services, special offers, etc.).
  • Photo, Video - all photos and videos about of recreation center
  • Infrastructure - please note: the infrastructure marked in green is included in the price. Red means you have to pay extra, if you want to use these services, purple - part of the service is included in the price of the tour, over the included in the price is possible only at an additional cost.
  • Additional services, communication and internet, leisure contains a list of services not included in the cost, but provided in the recreation facility, information on the organization of leisure (cultural, sporting events, excursions).
  • Fishing and hunting - information about the types of fish that can be obtained in a pond located near the recreation center.
  • Weather forecast gives you information about the weather for the near future in the area where the recreation facility is located.
  • Nearest infrastructure - information about the remoteness of the recreation center from the facilities of the service (cafe, shop, service station, exchange office, etc.).

You can see each object of rest on the image received from the satellite or on the map, read the reviews of tourists. To do this, click on the appropriate Reviews of tourists, See on the map, Satellite view , at the top of the page of each holiday destination.

You can book a tour by clicking on the link Send reservation request on the page of the corresponding recreation center.

Reviews about recreation centers of Belarus - forum

On forum You can read the impressions of the rest in the recreation centers, leave your feedback, which can help you make a choice for other vacationers, express your opinion about the holiday object, get a full and competent answer from the reservation department specialists to your questions regarding recreation in Belarus.

Main topics of the forum Rest in Belarus:

If you have any questions and suggestions on information and functioning of the portal Rest in Belarus, please use the page Contacts, where all the contact information of the enterprise is presented, there is a module for sending the message.

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