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Rest in Belarus

guest house Homino

guest house Homino

(Minsk region)

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General information guest house Homino

Guest house Homino is located in Myadel district Minsk region within the territory of the national park Narochansky, in the pinery.

The guest house is situated on the bank of lake Myadel. The distance to it is 100 m. Lake area is 16.2 m². At 3 km from the guest house there is Lake Rudakovo.

the lake Miadel

  • Foundation year - 2004
  • Year of reconstruction - 0000
  • The quantity of rooms - 5 beds.
  • Checkout time
    • Check-in at: 14:00
    • check-out at: 12:00
      for every 24h
  • Children are accepted to live any age
  • Occupied territory - 0.00 he.
  • Territory security: territory is fenced
  • Guest house Homino is situated at the distance of: city Myadel - 3.5km ,city Molodechno - 71km ,city Minsk - 135km
  • Geographical coordinates - 5455.354' N, 2654.037' E

The period of operation Homino
Aug 2022Sep 2022Oct 2022Nov 2022Dec 2022Jan 2023Feb 2023Mar 2023Apr 2023May 2023Jun 2023
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Location - guest house Homino:

guest house
  • floors: 1
  • elevator: -
  • transitions: -
  • Max people: 6
  • Watch the video
  • floors: 1
  • elevator: -
  • transitions: -
  • Max people: 0
  • Watch the video

    Meals guest house Homino

    Equipment for food preparation by the tourists

    Kitchen facilities
    • kettle
    • refrigerator
    • tableware
    • elektrocooker
  • Dining rooms 0 hall(a) on 0 places.
  • Banquet halls: 0 hall(a) on 0 places.
  • Additional menu
  • Meals schedule: third (health-improving)
  • Photo - Video guest house Homino

    Prices for tickets guest house Homino

      Accomodation / Conveniences / Facilities     The price of the room / cottage a night

    triple for four people (guest house)

      possible 2 additional seats

     WC, shower, washstand / TV, electric kettle, equipment for the house, fireplace, fridge, iron, kitchen, oven, tableware
    15-August -  30-September-2022 189,00 BYN
       Cost for room (house) for 4 people 189,00 BYN a day.
    C  01-October-2022 - prices are not fixed Show prices and discounts
    Send order
    Photos of rooms available for reference. Interior design, equipment and furniture arrangement is specified for standard rooms and may vary.

    In the price included:
    • accomodation (room / house is booked whole)
    • amenities included in the price (of green colour in the table)

    In addition, together with the voucher one-time tourist service is paid: for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus in the amount of 5,00 BYN, for Russian citizens - 154 RUB, for other foreign citizens - 3 USD.

    Guest house consists of living room with a couch (sofa), fireplace, TV and dining table, equipped kitchen (gas stove, refrigerator, sink), two rooms with twin beds in each, bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin).

    Reception children guest house Homino

    Conditions for the admission of children
    • Children accommodation from any age

    Infrastructure guest house Homino

    - included in the price
    - included in the price, the limit is reached at an additional cost
    - is to be paid extra
    guest house Homino - Arbour Arbour
     1 arbor, for 8 places
    guest house Homino - Barbeque Barbeque
     braziers, skewers
    guest house Homino - Bath Bath
     4 people, session 3 hours
    guest house Homino - Fishing Fishing
     is to be paid extra
    guest house Homino - Mobile  operators - A1 Mobile operators - A1
     Standard GSM 900/1800, for foreign citizen - a tariff plan Privet
    guest house Homino - Mobile  operators - life:) Mobile operators - life:)
     Standard GSM 900/1800, for foreign citizen - a tariff plan Prostoy
    guest house Homino - Mobile  operators - Mobile operators -
     Standard GSM 900/1800, for foreign citizen - a tariff plan Unlimited+
    guest house Homino - Mobile Internet Mobile Internet
     is to be paid extra
    guest house Homino - Parking lot Parking lot
     for 4 cars, unguarded
    guest house Homino - Placement with animals Placement with animals
     with collar, muzzle and lead; with the agreement of administrator
    guest house Homino - Water reservoir Water reservoir
     lake Miadel, area 16,2 m²

    Additional services guest house Homino

    1. arbor rent /1hr
    2. area for barbecue rent /1hr
    3. attending sauna 40,00 BYN/3hr
    4. fishing 5,00 BYN/24hr
    5. parking /24hr
    6. pet's accomodation /24hr
    7. services of the huntsman 3,00 BYN
    8. transport services transfer to piscary 9,00 BYN
    Prices for services are shown for reference at the time of arrival, price list may change

    Leisure guest house Homino

    Pastime ans leisure organisation
    • The Braslav Lakes national park 
    • The Blue Lakes 
    • Architectural legacy of Naroch region 
    • The Historical and Cultural Complex Stalin's line 
    • Sightseeing tour - Grodno 
    • Tour around Naroch district 
    • Nature museum and dendrogarden 

    The address, how to get there guest house Homino

    Address guest house Homino:
    222380 Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Myadel district, Khomino villiage.

    How to get to guest house Homino by public transport:

    • from Minsk, from the bus station Tsentralny by shuttle bus or route minibus to Postavy, Naroch, Sosny, Belaya Rus, Zhuravushka, Zanaroch, Svir, Sputnik to bus stop Naroch Kurortny Posyolok.
    • from Myadel bus station walk to the guest house Khomino about 5 km or take a taxi from Myadel.

    The Administration of an enterprise doesn't bear responsibility forchanges in the public transport schedule.

    Transport shedule guest house Homino:

    How to get to guest house Homino by car:

    • Polotsk-Myadel (about 150 km):
      on the motoway P45 (Polotsk-Glubokoe-border of Lithuania (Kotlovka)) till crossing the motoway P27 (Braslav-Postavy-Myadel) (about 135 km); turn to the left on the motoway P27 (Braslav-Postavy-Myadel); on the motoway P27 (Braslav-Postavy-Myadel) to Myadel (about 15 km).
    • Vitebsk-Myadel (about 250 km):
      on the highway M3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Begoml (about 165 km); on the motoway P3 (Logoysk-Zembin-Glubokoe-border of Latvia (Urbany) to Dokshitsa (about 25 km); on the motoway P86 (Bogushevsk (from the highway M8/E95)-Senno-Lepel-Myadel) to Myadel (about 60 km).
    • Minsk-Myadel (about 135 km):
      on the motoway P58 (Minsk-Kalachi-Myadel) to Myadel (about 135 km).
    • Myadel-guest house Homino (about 7 km):
      on the motoway P28 (Minsk-Molodechno-Naroch) till crossing the motoway P27 (Braslav-Postavy-Myadel) (about 1 km); to the right, on the motoway P27 (Braslav-Postavy-Myadel) till turn to the left according to the index to the guest house Homino (about 5 km); to the left, according to the indexes to the guest house Homino (about 0,5 km).
    Border crossing, customs, border

    Taxi guest house Homino

    Free online booking and payment on the fact, quickly, safely, comfortably

    Taxi ( for 4 persons price per car):
    The order of the car for you date and time, meeting at a car of a train, the bus or in a hall of arrivals, help with luggage and currency exchange. The price - for all car in independence of number of passengers.

    73km city Molodechno 80,30 BYN book
    139km city Minsk 145,95 BYN book
    150km city Polotsk 127,50 BYN book
    177km city Borisov 150,45 BYN book
    188km Minsk International Airport 197,40 BYN book
    208km city Lida 291,20 BYN book
    258km city Vitebsk 283,80 BYN book
    287km city Baranovichi 272,65 BYN book

    Location on the map guest house Homino

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